Interview With Dark Web Marketplace Aurora Market

Interview With Dark Web Marketplace Aurora Market

Interview With Dark Web Marketplace Aurora Market
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In the wake of Operation Bayonet, an international law enforcement operation that took down AlphaBay and Hansa, several new darknet markets gained popularity as replacements to their predecessors. Empire Market quickly rose to the top due to its perceived trustworthiness and as a result dominated the market, with an estimated weekly business volume of $6.5 million per week. However, on the 22nd of August 2020 Empire went offline in a presumed exit scam, potentially netting its owners $30 million in cryptocurrency.

This once again left a space in the Darknet for Empire’s competitors to fill, one of which is Aurora Market.

Interview With Dark Web Marketplace Aurora Market

Why did you decide to get involved in a darknet market?

I’m an intellectual and compassionate individual with good interpersonal and presentation skills. I constantly strive to develop an understanding and acquire knowledge on the different issues of relevance in the current Darknet scenario. Aspiring to work in a dynamic setting where my abilities and skills find their utilization, I joined a Darknet Market in desire to achieve professional expertise and excellence keeping in tune with the interests and goals of the market project.

What is your role at Aurora Market?

I’m PR for the Aurora Market. My job is to generate positive publicity for my market and enhance our reputation, as well as building mutually beneficial relationships between market and it’s end users.

I see that Aurora market is self-coded. Can you explain what that means for those who don’t know? What are the general advantages of it?

A Darknet market is an enterprise featuring multi-vendor shops connecting sellers with buyers, where transactions are managed by the market owner. A self-coded market means, we wrote market script from scratch. It’s a fresh code writing line by line to bring this market online.

Like all business enterprises, certain tasks could be costing you more when not handled professionally. Script based markets are an attractive target. Using public or leaked scripts means you’ve accepted the risks and complications that come with them which increases the chance of your site failing on a technical level. When you use script created by other people, you have to spend a lot of time working out how to integrate it and then finessing it for yourself. In most cases, you may not understand everything that third party script does and it may do some completely undesirable things, which is incrdibally dangerous for the cleints. In the worst cases, it may do undesirable things of which you never become aware. If there is a flaw or bug in the third party code, you have to spend countless hours diagnosing and fixing the bug. The same holds true when you decide to add new functionality or features to change the way it works.

On the other hand, writing fresh code line-by-line is more rewarding in a lot of ways, it gives you full control over your code and your source code is always private, making it hard to exploit. Your own code is more secure, always more efficient and easier to iterate. When you write your own code, there are no limits or restrictions on what you can do.

How many vendors are on aurora market?

At this time of writing we’ve nearly 150 vendors, more are joining. We’re receiving a good number of new applications daily, we use recon to check profiles.

What cryptocurrency do you accept?

Aurora Market is a cryptocurrency market, currently it’s accepting monero(XMR) and bitcoin(btc).

The scene is dark and full of terrors. There is blood and wars everywhere.

In what ways do you prevent scams on your market?

We vet vendors before allowing them at our platform. FE permissions are offered after scrutinizing vendors profile and history. Furthermore, we advice users to deal only with escrow. Until proper anti-phishing guides and anti-scam guides are launched, we encourage users to do their due diligence.

How does your escrow system work?

When buyers make a purchase on our market, the money from their market wallet is deducted and immediately transferred to market escrow wallet. Once, it’s transferred neither buyer nor seller can withdraw it. However, buyers can finalize it to the seller or dispute the order within 7 days. Disputed orders are examined by a staff member who transfer the disputed amount to dispute winning party.

Online sales are particularly risky; you’re dealing with somebody you don’t know anything about, and taking legal action against a swindler is not possible on Darknet. A third approach (which protects both buyers and sellers) is to have an escrow service handle the transaction. The escrow provider acts as a middleman and ensures that the buyer and seller do what they agreed to do.

Escrow is a arrangement to temporarily hold money for a transaction on their (buyers and sellers) behalf before the transaction has been finalized. Ideally, when we provide escrow, we’re a neutral third party who isn’t concerned with whether the buyer or seller comes out ahead.

Why should people use Aurora Market over other markets?

Aurora Market is an attractive market having a fresh & snazzy design, self-guiding UI/UX with unique and innovative features. Aurora Market encourages user for doing their own their due diligence to choose market which cater their needs. Aurora Market is not here to compete with other markets, it’s there to provide one more option for vendors and buyers by promoting market diversification.

What are your thoughts on the current dark net market scene?

The scene is dark and full of terrors. There is blood and wars everywhere. It’s highly unstable, users are losing money due to admins greed. The latest craze for making markets and exit-scamming has negatively impacted the entire Darknet culture. However, there are still some people fighting to reinvent it’s true glory.

Don’t trust anyone, talk less read more, read less think more..

How do you plan to defend against any DDOS attacks in the future?

By scaling up using Endgame anti-DDOS protection.

What are your thoughts on markets exit-scamming?

Markets exit-scam because admins lack technical and interpersonal skills to run it smoothly. Every market has to face phishing, massive DDOS attacks and powerful hackers looking to exploit it. If market admins are doxxed, LE are least of their worries, sometimes pissed drug vendors cross every line. Greed is obvious factor, admins choose to run away with 3-5 millions in 5-6 months, instead of running it for 5-6 years for the same amount of money. For us exit-scamming is highly unethical and dishonorable act, anyone stealing other people’s sweat can never be respected.

What drug is the most sold on the market?

Cocaine, LSD and a wide range of psychedelic drugs.

Aurora Market features is a platform where like-minded people can connect in a comfortable and inviting setting to find the purest, neutral & perfect euphoric drugs that attract us all. If you’re interested in enjoying the fundamental nature of uncut cocaine, herbal cannabis, long-lasting LSD and mind-numbing psychedelic then you’ve come to the right place.

Listing for LSD on Aurora Market

Is there anything that you dont allow to be sold?

Aurora Market doesn’t allow sale of fentanyl or its analogues and related chemicals, including carfentanyl or products containing fentanyl or carfentanyl. We do not allow sale of live or dead animals or sale of services related to harm of another human being or animal, whether real or fake. We have strict no weaponry, arms, or toxic/explosive materials and substances policy.

Do you have any tips for people new to the dark web?

Read Darknet bible. Don’t trust anyone, talk less read more, read less think more, think less observe more, observe less exercise OpSec more, anonymity is sacrosanct.

Would you like to say something to the readers? Where can people find you?

Thanks everyone for reading this. If you’re looking to check Aurora Market, find us on our official subdread(/d/Auroramarket). If you want to know about Darknet, you can contact me in private.

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