It’s Been 6 Days Since Yellow Brick Market Disappeared

It’s Been 6 Days Since Yellow Brick Market Disappeared

Today marks 6 Days Since Yellow Brick Market Disappeared it’s still unclear whether the market administrators intentionally ran off with users’ money, or whether law enforcement arrested those in charge. While market seizures often come with a public announcement from authorities, it’s not unheard of for marketplaces to vanish without a trace.

At the time of writing, Yellow Brick Market is still offline and its users are worried that it’s exit-scamming, so all the cryptocurrency they had deposited on the escrow is gone. Considering the recent bust of DarkMarket, though, it is also possible that the YBM operators have also fallen in the hands of the police, or got scared and decided to pull the plug, or even that the Australian arrested in Germany was running both platforms.

Multiple sources claim that a staff member at DarkMarket also worked at Yellow Brick, which went offline the same week. Did YB exit or were they also arrested? Remember that LE does not announce all arrests.

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Yellow Brick, which people liked to call “the ugliest darknet market to date” for choosing an obnoxious and outdated interface, was generally a mid-sized player that never established a reputation of being particularly reliable. In fact, during the summer of 2019, it went offline without warning for over a week and then returned, citing maintenance reasons.

It's Been 6 Days Since Yellow Brick Market Disappeared
Source: Darknet Live

So, all in all, it’s an unstable platform that may or may not return. This time, we are counting 6 days of downtime, so the chances of not seeing it return are increasing.

What can be ruled out is the chances of this outage being connected with the recent Tor network problems that had out-of-hand DDoS attacks between marketplaces expose a “v3 onion” bug. The platform was using multiple v2 and v1 onion domains, so that’s not the case. Even if the Yellow Brick was being DDoSed, it would have had some intermediate uptime moments.

Also, trusting markets with your crypto is naive, to say the least, as markets may exit scam without any repercussions at any time.

In the case that law enforcement agencies are involved in the YB situation, some users would have a lot to be worried about. The particular marketplace allowed the trade of almost any product, including illicit drugs, so if its servers were seized, the investigators would have a lot of data collection.

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