Ketamine and K-Holes | Interview With A Dark Web Drug Dealer

Ketamine and K-Holes | Interview With A Dark Web Drug Dealer

If you’ve heard of ketamine, or “Special K”, it’s probably for its history of abuse as a club drug. But it could also be one of the biggest breakthroughs in treating severe depression and bipolar disorder in years. See, Ketamine works like a flash mob, temporarily taking over a certain chemical “receptor” in the brain. It might sound dangerous, but in many cases of people with mental health issues it can be a good thing.

So what’s the problem?

Though ketamine is not completely banned, it’s still strictly regulated and can only prescribed by a doctor. If you are lucky enough to get ketamine prescribed to you, it’s usually going to be after a process full of lengthy appointments and expensive bills.

For this reason many people are turning to the dark web in search of a cure.

To find out more, we talked to WeDoWork, a seller of ketamine and MDMA on the dark web.

Ketamine and K-Holes | Interview With A Dark Web Drug Dealer

For those who may not know, who are you and what do you sell?

We are a small team working together to supply authentic alternatives to traditional medicine. We are solely focused on compounds with true medicinal quantities, like Ketamine and MDMA. We have no desire to ‘sell drugs,’ rather we aim to make available access to these less than fully legal remedies.

How did you get into vending on the dark web?

We have been around these parts for a very long time. It is hard to go into great detail due to OPSEC concerns. But we have witnessed most major DNM history play out since joining the community. We think most vendors end up involved with illicit activities for personal reasons, and those with true vision are the ones who go on to create the successful DNM brands users are familiar with today.

What is ketamine exactly?

Ketamine is a disassociative drug with anesthetic properties. It belongs to a group of chemicals called arylcyclohexamines, and is structurally related to compounds like PCP and MXE. We would advise users do their own research on the compound, here are 2 great links for basic information:

What is MDMA?

MDMA is an entheogenic drug with stimulant properties. It belongs to the group of chemicals referred to as amphetamines (MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine), and is structurally related to drugs like Methamphetamine and Amphetamine. Some good links for further research:

How are Ketamine and MDMA therapeutic to people?

A lot of research has been conducted on both! Here are two studies that have shown Ketamine as a possible treatment:
Comprehensive assessment of side effects associated with a single dose of ketamine in treatment-resistant depression (DOI 10.1016/j.jad.2019.11.028)
A randomized placebo-controlled PET study of ketamines effect on serotonin1B receptor binding in patients with SSRI-resistant depression (DOI 10.1038/s41398-020-0844-4)

And here are two studies that have shown MDMA as a possible treatment:
Oxytocin-dependent reopening of a social reward learning critical period with MDMA (DOI 10.1038/s41586-019-1075-9)
MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment of PTSD: study design and rationale for phase 3 trials based on pooled analysis of six phase 2 randomized controlled trials (DOI 10.1007/s00213-019-05249-5)

Both medicines seem to have a natural ability to combat both depression and PTSD. Probably even more that we just haven’t figure out yet as well!

We strive to not be a “darknet drugs vendor” but rather an extension of the drugstores Americans already visit daily.

Have your customers told you that they’re using your products for medicinal/therapeutic purposes?

Indeed, in fact a majority of our patients have indicated they are doing exactly just that!

What are some signs that your ketamine or MDMA is good quality?

From a chemical percent purity standpoint, we cannot determine how pure a compound is based upon its color/smell/texture. Typically, the darker the color of the compound (in the case of MDMA and Ketamine) the more impurities are present in the sample. Ketamine in our experience has no smell when it is unadulterated – so if you smell something be on the lookout. Though occasionally due to how the medicine is imported, it can take on the scent around it. With MDMA, often it is the case there are smelly unreacted precursors in the final sample, giving it what is typically described as the “smell of safrole,” despite only a very small percentage of the planets current MDMA supply being made from safrole (it is an invalid argument). As such we conclude that a strong scent to the sample likely indicates a meaningful degree of impurity being present. Scientific literature describes MDMA as a clear to off-white crystalline solid without a scent, from memory.

We would advise users perform a minimum of extensive reagent testing, thin layer chromatography if possible, and if it is within their budget a GC/MS or other advanced chromatographic test. In the United States, samples can be anonymously submitted to (run in partnership with Erowid).

What is your process for making sure your products are ready to sell to users?

The first step is always making sure we are well educated on any/all medicines we offer. More information than we have time to read has been published on the medicines we offer, and sifting through it all to pick out the easily digestible bits for our patients can take us a little bit.

Our partners usually have testing information available to us, but not always. We do our own testing anyway. We start with reagent tests before moving onto MP analysis. Unless we run out, a TLC is done after the MP, and if we have any doubts samples are sent off to DrugsData for GC/MS analysis. If we absolutely needed we can get FTIR analysis done by GetYourDrugsTested (Canada based) or HPLC analysis (among others) done by Energy-Control (Spain).

Ketamine and K-Holes | Interview With A Dark Web Drug Dealer
WeDoWork’s Ketamine Listing on Aurora Market

You take harm reduction pretty seriously (its nice to see that, many vendors don’t). Why is it important to you?

We strive to not be a “darknet drugs vendor” but rather an extension of the drugstores Americans already visit daily. For Americans getting medicine from the drugstore there is no worry of “what if the medicine is cut” or otherwise inactive – so for us to replicate this we need to be taking drug testing and harm reduction very seriously.

Another aspect – these are not “drugs,” rather they are chemicals we choose to ingest. Ingesting chemicals, proven to have medicinal benefit or not comes with consequences if not taken seriously. We don’t want any of our patients dealing with such troubles if we can help it, so we try to provide any information patients need. Our patients typically purchase medicine so they can heal, and we want to ensure we facilitate a safe healing process.

I’m sure many of your customers are patients but many might also be addicts. How do you feel about the fact that you might be aiding addicts?

It is a double edged sword of sorts. Of course we do not want to enable addicts, but it is their choice to abuse the medicine we offer. For those that would make such a choice however, we still would hate to see them suffer the consequences of consuming an adulterated medicine – so we believe it is important they still have the same opportunity to use our medicine as non-addicted users.

Most of our patients are incredibly kind individuals. More often than not we receive kind words in our order notes thanking us for what we are doing, and praising our dedication to harm reduction. It is a true shame we are unable to respond individually to each patient’s message, but the consensus of patients report making use of our offerings for medicinal purposes.

I see that White House Market banned your account. Why is that?

We knew shipping during holiday season 2020 was going to be a bad idea – this year shaped up to be one of the worst for shippers. Between COVID delays, Trump and DeJoy doing their best to destroy USPS, and it being an election year there was no doubt mailing past November was a risky idea. So we entered into vacation in early November.

Sadly the last batch of orders shipped before vacation was entered got held up bad due to USPS. We had stepped away to investigate, and our finding required us to stay offline for over a week. This was problematic – we had many messages we couldn’t answer, which turned into disputes. Got back online to find the profile access limited (as expected). Messaged support but was unable to see their response due to being offline for a few days once more.

Came back to find our account was banned, and all pending orders/disputes had been refunded to the respective patients (this was great, saved us the time it would have taken to manually refund all the orders). We got in touch with the support once more to see if they would allow our return, but they respectfully declined stating they did not want to take their chances – which we understand.

Thankfully we have been able to reach out to the patients who were unable to be refunded properly through Dread! We have worked hard to earn our reputation, and have no interest in stealing funds from patients. It is sad to see how surprised some of them are to see us offering refunds, but it never is a surprise to hear of greed corrupting other vendors. Makes ensuring they’re refunded this holiday feel even more rewarding though.

Do you ever use your own product? if not, is it tempting?

We do not believe there is anything wrong in using the medicines we offer in our store, rather it is the abuse of them one must watch for. Our team makes a habit of not using any of our offerings, but given we believe in the enlightenment they may bring us, condemning such use among team members would be rather hypocritical.

Any unexpected perks that come with the job?

No, but it is nice when you get to see other vendors dedicated to harm reduction and sharing medicine recognize your work. The kind words we hear from patients is another ‘perk’ of sorts.

Do you have a favorite moment in Dark Net Market history?

A tough question to answer. A favorite moment from recent history would be the launch of more security focused markets like White House or Versus. We like that they force the user to get a bit more comfortable with their software. They force a certain level of user OPSEC, which we are onboard with. The moment that otherwise most stands out would be when Dread was launched.

Any tips for buyers and other dark web surfers?

We would advise planning for the future. Many were caught off guard by COVID, and it has wrecked many supply chains worldwide (not just drugs). Planning ahead can remedy these troubles.

Any final words?

We have decided that instead of vending through 2021, we will be retiring instead. We have passed on the torch to a very trusted new partner, /u/KetaMed. They will continue our mission. We have posted complete details of the transition to our subdread, /d/WeDoWork, at the following URL: (dread.onion)/post/f383280cbcf2dc7ce9ac. Otherwise we have so many thanks to wish to all of our loyal patients and supporters, you will not be forgotten.

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