German Cannabis Vendor “Lenas Bioladen” Busted

German Cannabis Vendor “Lenas Bioladen” Busted

The trio is accused of having sold more than 51 kilograms of cannabis products via the Darknet in 8723 individual sales

Two men from Baden-Württemberg, aged 42 and 32, had already been arrested last summer because they were supposed to be behind the darknet shop “Lenas Bioladen”. Now they and the 34-year-old wife of one of the two men, who is said to have contributed significantly to the drug trade, have to answer in court.

The trio is accused of having sold more than 51 kilograms of cannabis products via the Darknet in 8723 individual sales between September 2017 and March 2020 under the seller name “Lenas Bioladen” and earned more than 740,000 euros. Via this shop, which the accused are said to have operated on three darknet trading platforms, buyers from all over Germany and neighboring countries were able to order cannabis products, which were then delivered to them by post. The co-accused wife is said to have primarily taken on the task of individual drug shipments to the post office. Per working day between 16 and 48 consignments of marijuana or marijuana products were dispatched by the accused.

The group’s arrest followed nearly two years of “intensive” investigations led by investigators from the Central Cybercrime Bavaria (ZCB) office and law enforcement in Upper Franconia.

Investigators started by watching the locations in Bavaria used by the group to mail packages.

In July 2020, the police acquired search warrants for the houses owned by the first two suspects. The searches resulted in the seizure of packaging material, cell phones, computers, storage devices. Authorities also seized an undisclosed amount of cash and bitcoins. The first two suspects were arrested the same day. While the first two suspects sat in jail, the law enforcement continued to investigate their involvement in “Lena’s Bioladen.” They learned that a third suspect existed–the 34-year-old wife of one of the first suspects. According to the police, the 34-year-old mailed between 16 and 48 packages of drugs every day.

Lenas Bioladen’s profile page on Cannazon Market – Credit: Darknetlive

The central office Cybercrime Bayern accuses the accused, who have not commented on the allegations so far, of gang-like trading with narcotics in no small amount. 

All three suspects face charges associated with the operation of the shop, including trafficking narcotics. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

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