Dark Web Ecstasy Vendor Dutch Masters Busted in the Netherlands

Dark Web Ecstasy Vendor Dutch Masters Busted in the Netherlands

Dark Web Ecstasy Vendor Dutch Masters Busted in the Netherlands

Law enforcement in the Netherlands arrested the alleged operators of the DutchMasters profile on the dark web. The police investigation focused on taking down the online seller DutchMasters, identifying the people behind it, destroying the infrastructure and taking away the criminally earned assets. In this investigation, the detectives and cyber specialists from the National Criminal Investigation Department combined the evidence against DutchMasters from both the digital and the analogue world. In this way the suspects could be identified.

Six suspects were arrested today, including a moderator and a mail deliverer. These are men and a woman aged 33 to 51, from Amsterdam, Diemen and Assendelft. 

Various goods have been seized, including cash, expensive watches, a Porsche, various data carriers and narcotics.

The investigation by the National Investigation Service of the National Unit into DutchMasters started in August 2019 and falls under the authority of the National Office of the Public Prosecution Service. The police tracked down DutchMasters via the WallStreet Market, which was dismantled in May 2019. Illegal goods such as drugs, botnets, malware, counterfeit money as well as driver’s licenses, scans and bank documents were offered on WallStreet Market. Based on the size and the time that the webshop was active, DutchMasters turned out to be one of the big sellers: the drugs from this webshop went all over the world via postal parcel companies.

DutchMasters is associated with various criminal activities. For example, a distribution line for XTC and other hard drugs was discovered in September 2020. Three suspects involved in packaging, labeling and shipping were arrested. Worldwide, at least 135 packages of 5,000 XTC pills appeared to have been distributed via this distribution line in three months. In addition, an XTC lab in Maartensdijk was also dismantled in September 2020 . Presumably, DutchMasters has not supplied XTC since then. With the dismantling of this lab, the production of XTC by Dutchmasters seems to have been halted.

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