Crypto Exchange Has Officially Shutdown

Crypto Exchange Has Officially Shutdown

Crypto Exchange Has Officially Shutdown, a service that allows users to produce more private bitcoin transactions by utilizing the additional privacy features of another cryptocurrency, Monero, revealed through a Reddit post that they will be shutting down their service.

Why is shutting down?

The team behind the project revealed that, as users might have noted by now, over the past years and months as well, they have to struggle with more self-imposing restrictions on the service.

Our attitude has always been that responsibility comes first and we have consistently imposed necessary restrictions even when it hurt our bottom line. However, we won’t compromise on our principles and, to give one example, are not prepared to turn our back on digital privacy preserving technologies such as TOR and VPNs. We have now got to the point where it no longer looks feasible to run this service in a manner consistent with our core beliefs.

The team continued to say:

In terms of supporting the community, which was always our priority from day one, please note that for the time being we will continue to support our community contributions code and infrastructure. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to keep these alive forever, but we’ll keep them around for a few months at least, and will devote some resources to figuring out how best we can hand over these elements so as to minimize impact on the community.

Since their start 6 years ago, has provided an incredibly useful and reliable service to the cryptocurrency community so It will be sad to see them go.

How does work?

  • Users request to make a bitcoin payment for a specific amount and address that they would like to send funds
  • The service acts as a middleman where the user then sends an equal amount of Monero to the receiver
  • Once the Monero is received, XMR then conducts the bitcoin transaction on behalf of the user

Alternatives to

There are still a handful of privacy focused exchanges out there. The following exchanges are only accessible through Tor and allowing easy and secure access to monero.

Originally started as a webmail service, has since added a wallet service that allows users to deposit, exchange, and withdraw bitcoin and monero freely. All bitcoin that is deposited is automatically added to a bitcoin mixer to protect user privacy. No personal information is required to open an account.

Onion address: sudsqwx5tewnmlptiybfbjpfaquhekccxls4blqw3znkhnzcy6bwgoid.onion


Along with image/file hosting, Kilos also offers a bitcoin mixing service and a XMR/BTC exchange. No account is needed to use the service.

Onion address: dnmugu4755642434.onion

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