Interview with Procarder2, a Darknet Vendor Specializing in Stolen Credit Card Data

Interview with Procarder2, a Darknet Vendor Specializing in Stolen Credit Card Data

Interview with Procarder2, a Darknet Vendor Specializing in Stolen Credit Card Data
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Credit card fraud has been on a steady rise for about a decade and is currently at an all time high. In 2016 alone, losses topped $24 billion worldwide with half of the affected cardholders in the US. With virtually no limit to the amount of money to be made scamming, some tech-savvy criminals have turned to the dark web and made ripping off credit card numbers a full-time gig.

Dark Net Daily chatted with Procarder2, a vendor of stolen credit card info to get a better look at the underground profession. He walked us through his process, shared how he gets ahold of the stolen credit cards and what things you can do to keep your information safe. He also explained why he got into the game in the first place—and what it would take for him to get out.

Who are you and what do you sell?

Hi everybody, I am Cicinaty | Procarder2 and many other nicknames that have died with the markets where I used to sell. I am a middle aged dude from Europe with human rights PHD. My business is focused on selling stolen data from credit and debit cards. and various credential data for online finance institutions.

What are your total sales?

It is different each month. Currently I am selling around few hundred cards a month.

How did you get into vending?

It all has started in the year 2015, when I finished my marijuana college business. I used to have a subscription of local magazine “High times” where I have encountered an article about dark web and it’s markets. The top trending were Agora and Evolution. I have deposited my first 100 euros in BTC into the Evolution market and I started to create my own overview of the site and read through the feedbacks.

The next day the Evolution market did an exit scam. When I have finally understood the concept of dark markets, I made a decision to start sell products with minimal input cost. So I have started to resell tutorials and cracked programs. Then I have found my way to the group of carders and my wild journey could begin.

What is carding?

Carding is a special method that use the extraneous banking data for your own advantage. It consists of 2 forms:

Physical form: where the carder must load the digital data on a plastic card and use that card in a real world.

Digital form: where the Carder uses the data for online purchases. My recommendation is to shop only the digital products without physical delivery.

Disclosure: Lot of people think that the carding is about stealing from normal people but this is not the case. Carding is about robbing the banks! Every affected person can ask the bank for a review of a payment. Bank after the prior investigation will return the exact stolen cost back to the persons account. So it is a perfect crime without a victim.

How do you get your cards?

Sincerely, that I do not acquire cards by myself. As I have mentioned in the previous question, I have entered the internal worldwide network of carders, who share their databases with me. With the progression of time I have learned which types of cards are the best for beginners and which one I can provide for my regular experienced customers.

Procarder2’s listing for USA credit card info

Could you tell me about the main parts of the carding process?

Obviously laptop or burned phone, totally purged from any records of previous use. After that you need MAC address changer, VPN, RDP or Antidetection and Socks5 near card holder location. Some of these parts is possible to buy with BTC on the dark markets or through these onion pages. But you need to be careful, most banner ads out there are untrustworthy. If something looks too good to be true, than it is scam.

Socks5 provider – http://luxsocksruq3olxa.onion

RDP Shop – http://2x4tmsirlqvqmwdz.onion/

What is the most difficult part of carding?

Keep up with the technology progress and securing the online payments. Carding method that functions nowadays can be totally outdated or not functional in just a couple of weeks. From the long term point of view is always the best to find your own method with the trial and error method.

With quickly earned money the ego grows very fast, with slow earned money, the character does. Without the character the first profit gets lost very soon.

How much can a carder make on any given day?

Haha! This is a very tricky question which does not really have a definitive answer. Usually from zero to couple of thousands dollars.

What are some common scams carders do?

Lot of people in recent years change their focus to online product buying, where there is lower risk of reception of the carded items. Nowadays its in to buy a gift cards that can be sold on internet exchanges for cryptocurrencies.

What can someone do if their card has been used to make large purchases without their knowledge?

First of all do not panic. Then call a bank and calmly describe the whole situation. Bank after further investigation return the stolen amount back to your account.

Do you ever feel bad about what you do?

If I feel bad that I am robing banksters? Hell no!

What things can people do to keep their information safe?

People should stop using their cards on unsecured e-shops. Also they can increase the level of security, if they use prepaid card for the online payment. Some banks offer so called digital card number that can be generated only for one payment.

What are your thoughts on the current fraud scene?

Fraud scene is like every other underground scene. It is possible to come across very friendly people but also with assholes too. The only difference I see in the big intelligence difference. You can find there either super intelligent people or super dumb people.

How has COVID-19 affected the fraud scene?

The new opportunities have emerged, like stimulus checks for unemployed, there is a big influx of beginners who lost their job because of Covid and they are trying to earn a living this way.

Why keep doing what you’re doing? What’s your motivation?

That is very simple. I like to be a Robin Hood:) because I am selling the card details I am offering to people to move the wealth from the rich to the not so fortunate. And for the money of course.

What would it take for you to retire?

That is a difficult question. I like selling cards, and currently its better not to imagine what would need to happen in order for me to stop.

If you could go back in time what would you do differently?

I would definitely save up more from our first earned BTCs and not spend them on things I did not really need.

Do you have any tips for people just getting into carding?

Do not chase fast earnings. Before the first try with carding double check the quality of OPSEC. With quickly earned money the ego grows very fast, with slow earned money, the character does. Without the character the first profit gets lost very soon.

Any last words? where can people find you?

Guys stay safe in this Brave new world. For more info about my products you can contact me on Dread forum or directly in my favorite market, Dark0de Reborn.

Thank you for reading. Check out interviews for more.

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This is Cicinaty and I just did an interview with darknetdaily.
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