Interview with Deus, a Darknet Vendor of DMT and Psychedelic Mushrooms

Interview with Deus, a Darknet Vendor of DMT and Psychedelic Mushrooms

Interview with Deus, a Darknet Vendor of DMT and Psychedelic Mushrooms

Anyone who has ventured into the dark and unknown recesses of the mind with the help of magic mushrooms likely understands why such a powerful substance has been made illegal in many countries around the world. The experiences facilitated by the Psilocybe cubensis can lead to monumental, reality-shattering ideas that turn our view of the world entirely on its head.

While the start of the war on drugs in the summer of 1971 successfully stifled the free love movement, the secret of psychedelics was out—now, propagators and purveyors of these drugs are subject to heavy-handed penalties. In an effort to avoid harsh changes to the law, the movement went underground.

Dark Net Daily chatted with Deus, a darknet vendor of DMT and psychedelic mushrooms. Deus walked us through his process sharing how he grows psychedelic mushrooms and extracts DMT. He also gives advice on what to look for in a good quality mushroom and tips for first time trippers.

For those who don’t know, who are you?

I am Deus, long-time mycology enthusiast, and recent vendor.

When were you first introduced to the dark web?

I was aware of it on the periphery since the SR1 days. I occasionally browsed didn’t have any immediate use for it personally.

Why did you decide to start vending?

Covid. I am a single parent without much in the way of help. I always have been on gigwork, hustles, home business’s etc. because I have to wear two hats. Covid made it very dangerous and impractical so I had to adapt.

How was your OpSec when you first got started?

Tails & the DNM Bible were well within my tech level, I didn’t have any challenges in that regard. Any lapses or difficulties I had was with the physical world and clearnet activities. Setting up shipping not attached to my identity etc.

What are all of the products that you currently sell?

Cubensis whole/capsule & DMT. Due to requests I have some Pan Copelandia mushrooms in production, they are a very potent strain and I thought I would give them a go. I am also going to do a run of edibles shortly.

My personal rule with drugs is I don’t mess with anything that’s known to lead to prostitution.

What is your best selling product?

Whole mushrooms & DMT run neck & neck, I am hoping the capsules will do a bit better but I think people lack confidence in their purity. I hope that changes as my reputation builds. The capsules are great for stealth and much easier to consume for a recreational dose.

What exactly is DMT?

Dimethyltryptamine, it’s a naturally occurring substance in plants and most living creatures. It is not entirely confirmed but many academic studies suggest it is what the body produces in a near-death experiences and during dreaming.

What are the effects of DMT carts? What can i expect to feel after puffing on one of those?

Complete loss of faculty for about 20-30 minutes. The cartoon exaggerations you see of LSD & mushrooms trips is the real deal with DMT. Intense fractal visuals. The experience is so uniform most who take it believes it is interdimensional travel. Most people see creatures known as the machine or clock-work elves.

What is your process for making your DMT carts?

First I extract the DMT from a root bark using a acid-base technique and you dry it to a powder that can be smoked or free based like most products. Then I use a typical wholesale cartridge you would get at marijuana dispensary and dissolve the powder in a propylene glycol mixture (vape juice) with a bit of menthol flavoring to dull the harshness. (DMT is a bit rough)

How about your mushrooms? What are the effects of those?

Very mild visuals. Colors are very vibrant. Patterns & walls will “breath” and shift about like a fun vertigo sensation. Munchies similar to marijuana are very common. It’s a great body high and mentally it is very therapeutic. Two things are going to happen; Everything is going to be comically funny for a few hours and when they wear off you are going to be intensely aware of what you are missing/lacking in your life.

Do you grow them yourself? If so, what is your process?

Yes, I use the typical procedures. You begin the mycelium (fungus) in a grain jar usually whole oats or rye berries then when it colonizes on the grain you mix it with a potting mix to fruit. Most people use perlite/cocoa coir or manure.

Why did you decide to sell psychedelics over other drugs?

Interest & ethics. No judgment from me on how others like to party but I am not into anything with a high addiction profile. My personal rule with drugs is I don’t mess with anything that’s known to lead to prostitution. I call it the Bob Saget rule from the film half baked. When he exclaims at the NA meeting “Have you ever sucked a dick for weed!?” If you can fill in the blank sentence I wouldn’t partake or sell.

I also have a deep interest in traditional medicine, meditation, tribal spirituality, yoga, etc. The full gamut of third eye new wave ga-ga.

It’s like boarding a rocket ship, you want to see space but your always kinda nervous.

I’ve read that growing your own shrooms can be quite easy. Is that true?

Yes and no, It takes a bit of time & equipment to get started and learn how easy it is.

It can be difficult, and time to consuming to get started, but once you have the equipment and understanding it is very simple.

Let’s say I just bought shrooms for the first time. How can I tell if they are good quality?

Psilocybe Cubensis is the most common magic mushroom, first off stick to Cubensis unless you know what you are doing. They have a very good safety profile and more than likely you are going to have a good time. You may encounter Amanita strains, (the red and white smurf mushroom) Avoid these unless you are very experienced. You are likely to get sick. The only trip you’re going to be taking is to the hospital or bathroom.

Cubensis typically have an off white grayish stalk, and a tan, brown, or gold cap. White & light bluish albino strains have been real trendy the last few years too. Generally strains don’t vary much in potency amongst Cubensis. Cubes are cubes, it’s not like marijuana with a large quality spectrum.

The only thing dangerous to be aware of is very apparent molds and contaminants like you would see on bread or food. If you can spot moldy food you can spot moldy shrooms. Some people mistake green and bluing on the stalk as mold, it’s not. That’s just bruising from harvest. Mushrooms bruise very easy when picked.

Other than that you want a small to medium mushroom with a closed cap. The rounder it is the better. Ideally it is perfect if looks like a brown wrinkly marble or lolly pop. If the cap has opened a bit that is fine too, what you don’t want is open caps that have black/purple powdery residue on the cap/stalk. They are safe, they won’t harm you but that residue is the spores and they have lost potency and become very bitter.

I see that you sell “psilocybe cubensis mushroom capsules”. What are those?

They are simply whole product reduced to powder and pressed into a capsule, the last few years micro-dosing small amounts to treat depression has been gaining popularity. It’s also great for stealth, shipping, and consuming a recreational dose. Cubensis’s aren’t known for their great taste. It’s the same price per ounce, it’s a little more trouble to produce but I have a lot more confidence in the shipping and general security of the package.

How do you ensure your customers are getting clean products?

Mushrooms require a very sterile process to grow, if they are contaminated they don’t grow. They don’t compete well with other fungi, much like Highlander “there can be only one.”

Do you get high on your own supply?

Yes, recreationally and I microdose daily to treat mental health issues. That’s how I started growing, I was in really bad shape from traditional SRIs.

Do you have a best/worst trip story?

I always have a great time on mushrooms, I don’t really consider mushrooms a trip though. The effects are on par with getting high on weed or a night out drinking. DMT is intense and even experienced users are always a little apprehensive about the break thru. It’s like boarding a rocket ship, you want to see space but your always kinda nervous. The DMT entities are generally very cranky and they seemed to be annoyed by the tourists.

Do you have any advice for people out there who might be interested in trying psychedelics for the first time?

With a cubensis mushroom you’re going to be fine, have at it. Look up a dosage calculator (readily available on the clearnet) and take a small to average dose. Your not going to “flip your lid” or do anything out the ordinary. It’s a great but mild experience. With DMT or anything harder like LSA/D you need a safe place with a shaman, tour guide, babysitter or someone responsible. DMT you lose enough faculty that your not going to be in danger but have someone around to keep an eye on you. DMT doesn’t last a long time so you can take turns.

With so much going on right now, what are your thoughts on the current DNM scene?

How much longer will it be dark?

I think in 5 years Tor is going to be home to everything Google/Amazon censors.

Because of Big tech’s behavior coinciding interests is going to bring in a lot of mainstreaming of the whole scene. Between shifting drug policy and formally mainstream content needing a safe haven I think we’re looking at the birth of a new internet. Todays DNMs are tomorrow’s eBays. It will be probably be bad for the carders and people into financial graft, but being able to consume what you want is here to stay.

Where can people find you?

You can find me under Deus on Dark0de, people who are following my profile get bonus product on orders. Shout out to Dark0de for taking great care of their vendors.

Thank you for reading. Check out Interviews for more.


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