Interview with Megalodon, a Darknet Vendor of Lean and MDMA

Interview with Megalodon, a Darknet Vendor of Lean and MDMA

Interview with Megalodon, a Darknet Vendor of Lean and MDMA

Dark Net Daily chatted with 2 members of Megalodon, a group that sells lean and MDMA on the dark web. They talked to us about how they first got into vending, gave advice on ordering from the Netherlands, and shared tips on how to spot good quality MDMA.

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Could you tell me a bit about yourselves?

Member 1: We are plural people working together from different parts of the world. We work to make profit and hopefully get some money in the pockets of our customers too.

When were you first introduced to the dark web?

Member 1: Was pissed off at local prices of RC chemicals and started looking in the clear net I couldn’t find anything so I went deeper.

Member 2: I was curious and did some research.

Megaladon’s profile on Dark0de Market

Why did you decide to start vending?

Member 1: I was browsing listings on versus when i saw FireBunnyUSA’s mdma listings and a German vendors listings and from that moment I knew what i wanted to do the rest of my life.

What do you mean by that? What exactly made you want to start selling?

Member 2: The profit and the thought about being busy all the time and making something out of my life.

How was your OpSec when you first got started?

Member 1: Overkill. If we wanted to say hi to each other we PGP encrypted it and sent it on signal. We were paranoid. If the tracking didn’t update in 24 hours we thought it was seized. Spent hours reading about customs and shipping. Its always better to be safe and sorry when you operate on the darknet because the governments want to censor us.

What in your opinion is the most secure tech setup?

Member 1: Well for a buyer its most likely tails on a virtual machine yada yada yada. We aren’t selling methods, but I will endorse any starting vendor to invest in offline at home equipment. Vacuum sealable bags, your own labels, etc. The only internet connected devices should be to receive/send info AND be able to be smashed in an instant. The less attention the better.

What are all of the products that you currently sell?

Member 1: Lean, Mdma and xtc. We plan to expand soon to.

Megaladon’s listing for 3.5gs of Dutch MDMA
Megaladon’s listing for homebrew lean

What is your best selling product?

Member 1: Crystal mdma.

Why did you choose to sell mdma and lean as opposed to a different product?

Member 1: Lean has a high demand and its our organization handling the production distribution and transport. Mdma is a product that makes its own demand its cheap and just gives you a wonderful feeling and that’s what makes the demand so high.

You stop wanting to be turnt and want to turn it to profit.

What do you do to ensure your customers are getting a clean product?

Member 1: Reagent tests are useful. Sourcing is a constant battle to find the best product for reselling. When I say reselling, I want to put emphasis on it being resell-able FOR the customers. We look for good reviews and long time vendors.

Let’s say I just got an order of MDMA off the darknet, what are some indicators that its good quality?

Member 2: Color can vary we have seen many different colors some people even dye their stuff so its hard to tell but the brighter the better. The smell should be like liquorice and it should have a bitter taste.

We all know about the low prices on MDMA from the Netherlands. Do you have any advice for people looking to make a purchase from there to the US?

Member 1: Yes, don’t buy direct from the Netherlands buy from either France or the UK. Tell the vendor what you want stealth wise and offer to pay extra. Do your research and preferably have a friend or somebody you know order domestic and then ship it to you. Buy large amounts because bulk orders usually get sent with good stealth.

Have you noticed any big changes in the quality of MDMA since you started vending?

Member 1:We have noticed a rise in purple m from Canada. Its subpar in our opinion. Also after having gotten into the game, its come to our attention that a massive amount of the M and X circulating in north America is heavily cut. Street dealers are trying to claim 100mg presses to be “300mg double stacks bro”.

Member 2: Its sickening when you hear about kids trying these shite pills and thinking that “staying up for 3 days straight off a single pill” is healthy, normal, or what MDMDA is.

There are days where you want to pop a bar or just drink it away but that doesn’t help.

Is your lean real or replica?

Member 1: Our lean is homebrew but we use the same ingredients as pharma. We don’t like replicas because that’s false advertising same as scamming in our eyes.

Can you tell me anything about the process?

Member 2: I don’t know so much about it because I’m not the one handling the production is our UK members and they’re sleep atm. But in the future we can definitely do that.

Do you ever use your own product? If not, is it tempting?

Member 1: Some of us don’t take any. With piles of the stuff everywhere, and for how cheap we get it, is surprisingly not tempting. At first maybe, but after awhile the appeal vanishes. You stop wanting to be turnt and want to turn it to profit.

Do you have a best roll story?

Member 2: One of our guys remembers popping an x pill in his girlfriend’s asshole and having anal with her for the first time. Apparently she loved it, and they kept going for 8 hours, actually rubbing a hole in a rubber, nearly having a child scare.

Any advice for people interested in rolling for the first time?

Member 1: USE A CALCULATOR for body weight to dosage ratio. Don’t over do it. An m hangover is horrible. Taking multivitamins before and after can help increase a roll and decrease the after effects. M isn’t like LSD, you have more of a socialness when on it that lets you flow with your own vibe. There are more guides in the mdma subdread.

What would it take for you to retire?

Member 1: A bullet in the head would probably work.

It’s the customers who rule the market. No customers, no market, no money so make them happy.

I’m sure your job comes with a lot of stress and paranoia. How do you handle it?

Member 1: Day by day. The fear sucks but the money and seeing other people succeed as well is reassuring. There are days where you want to pop a bar or just drink it away but that doesn’t help. Working hard and looking forward help. When climbing a mountain you aren’t actively thinking about falling backwards are you? Sure the thought is there but focusing on it just makes it worse.

Do you have any best/worst customer stories?

Member 1: All our customers make our best customer stories every single one of them.

Reviews for Megaladon on Dark0de Market

Have customers ever tried to scam you?

Member 1: In person yes! Via the markets? No. Oh well there was that one guy who tried to order multiple samples to the same address.

With so much going on right now, what are your thoughts on the current DNM scene?

Member 2: Its getting better with markets like WHM and Versus. More guides on dread equals more awareness.

Did you lose any money on Dark Market?

Member 1: No.

Do you have any advice for people out there who are new to the darknet and looking to place their very first order?

Member 2: Yes, do your research and go domestic first so you don’t fuck up and start small.

Do you have any advice for other vendors?

Member 1: Yes, remember its the customers who rule the market. No customers, no market, no money so make them happy.

Is there anything you want people to know about you?

Member 1: Yes, we love what we do and this is our passion.

Where can people find you?

Member 1: We sell on WHM and dark0de but you can find us chatting around in our subdread /d/MEGALODON

Some closing words would be.. Everything is possible, we started with 400$ and a vision.

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