Major Darknet Reseller Busted in France with 30 Kilos of Drugs and €190k in Cash

Major Darknet Reseller Busted in France with 30 Kilos of Drugs and €190k in Cash

Major Darknet Reseller Busted in France with 30 Kilos of Drugs and €190k in Cash

A drug trafficker with an atypical profile was arrested this week by the Brigade des Nupéfiants de Nice (France). The organization of the 25-year-old Niçois surprised the police. Starting from nothing two years ago, he has managed to structure its traffic like a real business, explains Commissioner Aurélien Froger. The trafficker kept an account book, he had a “customer service” to best meet the demands of his consumers. He even had a business laptop and refused to sell to dealers outside of his business hours. To avoid running into irritated, drugged customers, he preferred to work between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m.

He wanted to make money, didn’t use drugs and lived like a hermit.

The young man decided to engage in drug trafficking two years ago, with the aim of making a lot of money. Initially, says the commissioner, he started from nothing, he bought the drugs on the Darknet. From month to month, it has structured itself. He chose a very specific segment, explains Aurélien Froger, the trafficker specializes in drugs that pay off: ecstasy, cocaine, mephedroma (substance prized in homosexual circles), MDMA (substance often consumed in the evening) and ketamine (anesthetic for animals also used by rave-party enthusiasts). He earned tens of thousands of euros per month. He never used drugs. He lived like a hermit according to investigators.

The drugs sold in the evening, hidden in Tic-Tac boxes

The young trafficker preferred to sell in large quantities, to dealers, rather than to small consumers. The drugs were sold in parties, in villas, apartments in Nice and its region. The clients were mostly young workers, students, young executives. The young man from Nice was spotted by the Narcotics Brigade following surveillance by a dealer in the nightlife of the Riviera.

Thirty kilos of drugs and nearly 190,000 euros seized

Investigators have worked days and nights since last January to figure out and dismantle the traffic. The Nice Narcotics Brigade seized nearly 14 kilos of ecstasy, 9 kilos of cocaine, 4 kilos of MDMA, 2 kilos of Cannabis, mephedrone and ketamine. The police also discovered 189,000 euros, two weapons and tear gas canisters. Legal weapons because the young trafficker has a shooting license. Along with him, a friend and a drug dealer were also arrested and brought to justice.

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