Swedes Sentenced to 6 Years in Darknet Arms Case

Swedes Sentenced to 6 Years in Darknet Arms Case

Swedes Sentenced to 6 Years in Darknet Arms Case

Attempts to buy a total of 83 firearms on Tuesday gave a sentence of imprisonment for eight years to a Swedish man from Gothenburg.

At the same time, the Court in Horsens has convicted four others for having helped him. They have received between six and four years in prison. The case is unusual because during the investigation, the police used agents who acted as criminals. The defenders had asked for acquittal. Their reasoning was that the agents’ actions were, in their view, illegal.

The initial negotiations for the sale of weapons took place when US police officers from Homeland Security Investigations on the dark part of the internet, also called the dark web, offered to sell.

When a buyer showed up, Danish police were involved in the case. The suspects had a affiliation with Sweden, but the Americans did not want to cooperate with Swedish police because the agent operation would be illegal according to Swedish rules, an officer from PET has explained during the case.

Therefore, the choice fell on Denmark. Here, PET and police officers from the special unit Special Investigation West participated in the further operation. The involved delivery of weapons first in Vamdrup and then at the rest area Ejer Bavnehøj near Skanderborg.

Here, unsuspecting pensioners and families with children rested and relaxed when undercover officers in a black van showed pistols to one of the now convicted, a PET employee has told. But there were also problems in relation to Danish law, it appears from the ruling handed down by the jury in Horsens on Tuesday.

The shop windows that American police set up in a marketplace on the dark internet, the police in Denmark would not have been able to get permission for from a judge, it appears from the decision.

The requirements of the law were not met. There was no reasonable suspicion that a specific offense was being committed at the time the shop windows were opened. Nevertheless, juries and judges have found the main man, 34-year-old Andreas Andras Kassai from Gothenburg, guilty, and there is no reason to reduce the sentence.

He was already familiar with trading in the marketplace for almost exclusively illegal goods on the dark web. Therefore, he has not been provoked to such an extent to commit the crime that the incriminating material from the United States cannot be used in the case, the court states.

One of the convicted helpers is the Romanian Mircea-Ion Negoita, who Andreas Kassai had sent to Vamdrup to receive a package. It turned out to contain firearms.

The 39-year-old is excited about the decision that he would receive 20 weapons.

“This is a theater, a circus,” the man exclaims at the hearing. He confesses his innocence and offers to be tested by a lie detector.

His sentence is set at five years in prison. The Serbian couple, Srdan Zivkovic and Jelena Bradic, who with their four-year-old child in the back seat drove to the rest area to pick up 25 weapons, are punished with six and four years respectively.

Finally, Serbian Fahrudin Bakic is sentenced to six years in prison. His role was to help Andreas Kassai.

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