Interview with NeighborJimi, the Darknet Vendor Selling Everything From LSD to Crystal Meth

Interview with NeighborJimi, the Darknet Vendor Selling Everything From LSD to Crystal Meth

Dark Net Daily chatted with NeighborJimi, a vendor from the Netherlands who sells everything from LSD and ketamine to cocaine and crystal meth. Jimi gives us the lowdown on how to produce DMT and shares tips on spotting good quality cocaine. He also goes into his process for shipping packages, what it would take for him to retire, and the cryptocurrency he’s got his eye on. Stay tuned in until the end for a story about a time when Jimi’s stealth was so good that his customer thought he had been scammed.

For those who might not know, who are you?

Ehhh.. one of hardest questions I can get is to introduce myself, but let’s try… I am Netherlands based vendor with little crew that helps me to run this store. Our aim is to deliver friendly services and high quality products worldwide.

How long have you been vending?

It’s a little bit more then a year now.

What are your total sales?

Unfortunately, it is hard to tell as we are not collecting data, but by my countings it should be near or above 3000.

How were you first introduced to the dark web?

Ohh… it was very long time ago. As myself not always Nederlands, in previous country it used to be really hard to get some LSD and I myself like it, dark web was great way to get it, when saw it’s prices on dark web, straight away decided to try also reselling it in streets,so it also was my first steps into involving into drug business. I think hansa market, dream market and trade route was one of my favorites to use as buyer.

Why did you decide to become a darknet vendor?

Hmmm… it’s hard to answer the way I’d like to without telling too much, but briefly saying, as it was beginning of quarantine it affected my work which I lost, and affected many other things, so was losing rent, in need of work and basically in survival mode… But I was buying LSD from one vendor and asked his advice on how to find clients in the streets as would resell his stuff, we had little talk and he said “street dealing is way too risky, better be a vendor, I will help you.” and well… I will stay thankful to him still for a long time.

How was your OpSec when you first got started?

Mistakes have been made… I think that I should have researched and learn more before starting, instead of learning while already doing, but at least had an idea of all the basics, so it wasn’t the best one, but wasn’t worst either, though compared with things now, it was nothing.

What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known when you started vending?

It’s hard to pick one thing as obviously I’d wish that I would have known everything, but I guess if to pick one thing, then it’s gotta be OpSec.

What are all of the products that you currently sell?

Currently we have LSD, sugar ketamine, 2cb pills, XTC pills, pink speed paste, Colombian cocaine, ephedrine crystal meth. Some time ago we used to do a lot of offers for psychedelic drug fans and to get back to that for quite a while we ‘ve been working on producing enough DMT to put it on listings and as well having some magic mushrooms growing which also soon will be on markets.

What is your best selling product?

It’s hard to tell one specific product as everything is +- equally sold. Sometimes one week noticeably more sales for one product, other week for other product. From what I hear from buyers when talking with them, I’d say best selling would be LSD, speed and crystal meth.

NeighborJimi LSD sheets

You sell “special dutch pink speed paste”, What exactly is that?

It’s like a regular speed, but made in slightly different way, as it’s not me producer I can’t comment process precisely, but from what I hear from reviews, it is stronger then regular white speed.

How is it usually taken?

Just like regular speed, some amount of paste is dried, and then it can be made into lines and sniffed. Some people also do take it orally or into veins.

Can you tell us what the process like to make it?

Unfortunately I don’t produce speed, so not really sure if I know process right, I could comment only DMT extraction/producing.

Could you tell us about producing DMT?

Well it’s literally easiest drug you can make and doesn’t require much chemistry knowledge, but also is great place to start with learning something in chemistry, getting and understanding processes in it and etc.

We use basic acid to base TEK for extracting DMT from mimosa hostilis bark root (MHRB), which contains 1% of DMT, so from 1000g of MHRB you only can extract around 10grams of DMT. So I’d say this is why it is so expensive – because takes some time to come to results, but the process has more waiting and stirring times then doing something else.

Roughly, process is made from 4-5 steps and only one of them is dangerous, it is when you add lye (sodium hydroxide) and would be recommended to do it with gloves protecting from acid chemicals and with a mask to not inhale fumes as if inhaled to much already from experience can say that it gives, terrible headache and fumes kind of burns when breathing, but that is not so wrong as blindness that sodium hydroxide can be caused if it gets into contact with eyes, so be careful!

We do not hold big DMT stocks as it would take forever to sell, people do not use it so often, one gram can last for half year at least, as it’s strongest hallucinogenic substance known to humans, you can imagine that dosages isn’t big, I think like 35mg-60mg is very high, so for now we do extract it when we get orders for it and this as well helps to supply product that is made right before shipping to costumers, it’s not a big deal, but I’m kind of proud to be able to offer this, as I imagine that from buyer’s eyes it should be really nice when you get DMT that is made for you.

You also sell “2c-b pills”. What are those and what are those and what are the effects of them like?

I’ve personally tried 2c-b only once when it just appeared. As much as I remember, I could describe it as light version of LSD, that doesn’t have such a headspace, but let’s you to enjoy quite an interesting visuals. Some say that it reminds them of MDMA, but I didn’t see much similarities with it.

2c-b pills

Do you test your cocaine?

In official governments LABs we test pretty rarely although sometimes it happens that some buyer does test at one of those official LABs and lets us know about results that they got. Still we do test it with quick tests, called EZ test.


Lets say that I just got my hands on a gram of cocaine. What are some signs that it’s good quality?

Cocaine is one of the most cut and easiest to cut products, it’s really hard to tell if it’s good without test or at least trying it, briefly saying cocaine when put on teeth gums should numb it, texture of it should remind flakes, if its fine powder its definitely cut.

Do you worry that with selling products like methamphetamine and cocaine you might be a bigger target to law enforcement?

At first for some while didn’t really think about it, but now yeah, it is something what worries me and I have some thoughts to not sell it publicly at least.

Crystal methamphetamine

You made a comment on dread the other day about how unsafe it is to use tracking in the Netherlands. Could you elaborate on that?

Well to answer this question fully, would need to know how it is not in NL, as I’ve never had to do tracked shipping from other countries, but to answer how unsafe it is and why vendor not doing it with every order I really want and hope that some how it will reach buyers who thinks that it’s as easy as sending letter without any illegal content.

When sending standard way of shipping, I mean without tracking, we simply make packs look like innocent regular mail, then weight how heavy package is and according to weight we stick post stamps and then all left to do is to go to any random post box in the street and drop packages there.

When sending with tracking, you must go into post office where you will be on CCTV, as well very often ID is asked, but it can be avoided by registering package on postNL online with fake sender’s details and of course by paying with prepaid credit card which is bought with bitcoins. When doing the online part of it obviously a VPN has to used or public Wi-Fi, same for checking tracking page, it cannot be checked by simply entering into a browser or a postal website and checking tracking. If it gets seized, IP addresses that checked it’s tracking page will be checked and it’s one of the reasons why vendors do not give tracking code instantly or at all.

After it’s registered, it comes to sending it, but letters with tracking, cannot be dropped into post boxes in street, you still have to go inside postal office to hand it and sign, so for that vendors have shippers for who paying to do it and the hard part is to find shipper that you can trust, same shipper kind of not good to use every time as it wouldn’t take long to get him unwanted attention as postal office workers will remember guy eventually and every letter sent by the same guy with different names will not look good.

So after all in all this process its easy to make some mistake with letters and regret it, plus it is much riskier for buyers as well as they will have to sign for it.

What would it take for you to retire? Is there a dollar amount that you want to hit first?

Yes, that would be one of the things, but its hard to define that amount, most likely one of the reasons would be that I would notice that something suspicious what indicates LE being close to us and it would turn into big stupid risk to continue.

How do you ensure your customers are getting clean products?

We test it with quick EZ test, sometimes official labs, also giving it to try to our trusted buyers and only then putting it to sale.

Do you get high on your own supply?

I do smoke weed sometimes after done with business things, also used to love tripping on LSD, but vendor’s work doesn’t really gives enough time for that, or just want to rather take a good rest instead of going on the trip.

Do you have a favorite customer story?

It’s also one of questions where hard to pick, but one of those that I still remember was with LSD order.

Before going to sleep I get a message from a buyer “Jimi you asshole, you sent me empty envelope yada yada yada”, I got confused, was replaying and maybe ~5mins after first message I get a message again “oh sorry it was hidden, its so embarrassing”. Something like this happened multiple times, always kind of funny and nice to know that stealth was perfect enough.

Do you have any advice for people out there who are just getting into the DNMs?

Hmmm… yes, first of all – don’t be lazy and pay some time on learning to use PGP, use monero for saving time, saving cost of fees and staying safer. Second of all read god damn policies of vendors and have patience, sometimes overloaded with orders a vendor can take a little while to pack and send everything. After all we work with illegal substances that we have to send through guys who work to catch these packages, so don’t expect it to be packed as quick as a sheet of paper.

What are your thoughts on the current DNM scene?

It’s hard to tell as before becoming vendor, I didn’t use DN so much, time to time did look on dread, or research vendors before ordering from a new one, but I’d really wish that I would have had a chance to vend and be active on days of Dream Market, Silk Road market, Trade Route, Wall Street market and etc

What are your thoughts on crypto? Any coins you’ve got your eye on?

Actually I didn’t pay much interest to it for some while and always had and still have hopes for XMR to go towards replacing bitcoin at least in dark web scene, but now lately I keep seeing people talking about it and myself kind of now started to get into cryptos, but at this moment don’t have too much time for that.

Where will NeighborJimi be one year from now?

That is really hard to say, like a year ago or so if someone would have told me about what I will be now, I wouldn’t have believed it, but we do have plans for this year which I don’t want to talk about as we are not sure about them yet, but I can assure that all we will stay around and all issues that we are going or went through will not make me give up.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Hmm yes, there is a lot of buyers who imagines that vendors is working like a machines… No, we are humans as well, and if packages doesn’t come overnight don’t start acting disrespectful or try threatening with bad reviews…
Also if your pack didn’t come – do not be disrespectful, accuse of scamming or leave negative feedback and after that expect for solution… Simply contact your vendor friendly and respectfully to ask about your order, from personal experience I can say that when you pack like 100 or more packs per day, it is possible that accidentally order is skipped….

You can find us on WHM, World Market, Royal Market, Cypher, Abysse Market, DarkFox, Union Market, Aurora and ToRReZ.

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