Spokane Doctor Accused in Bizarre Dark Web Kidnapping Case

Spokane Doctor Accused in Bizarre Dark Web Kidnapping Case

Spokane Doctor Accused in Bizarre Dark Web Kidnapping Case

SPOKANE, Wash. – A local physician accused of trying to pay someone from the ‘dark web’ to kidnap his estranged wife, addict her to drugs, and convince her to stop divorce proceedings and come back to him was back in federal court on Wednesday for a detention hearing.

The docs say Ronald C. Ilg, aka SCAR215 as he was known online, tried to use Bitcoin to fund his attempted crimes. A judge ordered Ilg detained and bail was denied at Wednesday’s hearing. Ilg’s initial court appearance was held on Monday, and he will be back before a judge next month. An FBI agent provided testimony about the case during the detention hearing.

It was an international news organization that initially tipped off the FBI to the allegations again Ilg, but agents don’t identify the organization by name in court documents.

‘The news organization located a dark-web internet site offering murder-for-hire services in exchange for cryptocurrency… the news organization provided the messages from the dark web vendor sites to the FBI,’ court documents state.

In transcripts obtained by the FBI of messages allegedly sent by Ilg, aka Scar215, they were able to see an attempt to hire a person from the ‘dark web to kidnap, assault, extort and drug’ Ilg’s estranged wife. Documents allege Ilg promised financial incentives if the estranged wife agreed to move back home and be intimate with Ilg after being released from the kidnapping.

One message allegedly sent by Ilg stated in part, ‘I need a rush job for next week. I need the target kidnapped for five to seven days. While being held she is given at least daily doses of heroin. She is also strongly persuaded to do a few things within two weeks. 1, stop ALL Court proceedings, 2, return to your husband and the chaos you created, 3. Tell Absolutely no one about this. Also, the team should plant heroin and used needles with her DNA inside. After about seven days she is returned to her home.’

Ilg is accused of going on to write, ‘the target destroyed two families and walked away as if she did nothing. I was the target kidnapped for 7 days. While being held, she will be given injections of heroin at least two times per day. She will be taught to do it herself and pics and videos of her doing it should be collected.’

Court documents state Ilg asked that the kidnapping be carried out while he was visiting Mexico with his current girlfriend.

The FBI states they received transcripts of the messages detailing Ilg’s plans and reviewed records from ‘Coinbase’ which corroborated the payments made by Ilg. They conducted a search of Ilg’s home on April 11 and found a locked safe.

‘In the residence (the FBI) located a locked safe, which contained, among other things, a stick note with the moniker ‘Scar215’ and an apartment password, written immediately below Scar215. The locked safe was located in Ilg’s bedroom and required a fingerprint to access.’

The FBI interviewed the intended victim who told agents she married Ilg in 2016 and that they share a young child. Documents say the estranged wife told the FBI that Ilg found another woman on the internet and invited that woman into their relationship.

‘As time passed (Ilg’s estranged wife) became increasingly uncomfortable with the relationship,’ documents state. ‘(The couple) is currently involved in a contentious divorce … and they split custody of their young child.’

While on vacation with Ilg in Mexico earlier this month, the FBI says Ilg’s current girlfriend reached out to his estranged wife to say, ‘some strange stuff has happened while we have been here…I need to talk to you asap when we get back.’

Agents were waiting at the airport when Ilg and the current girlfriend returned home. Documents state, ‘while Ilg acknowledged using the dark web to hire a hitman, he denied hiring someone to have the (victims) assaulted and/or kidnapped. Instead, he claimed that he was hiring the hitman as a way to commit suicide.’

The morning after agents spoke with Ilg at the airport, they say SCSO deputies notified them that there was a possible assault call from Ilg’s home. First responders found Ilg with a black eye, lying unconscious in the kitchen. Records further state there were ‘approximately 46 missing pills of Xanax’ and what appeared to be suicide notes at the scene next to the business card of an FBI agent.

‘The timing and content of the note, coupled with the placement of the (agent’s) business card next to the note, are consciousness of guilt that Ilg attempted to kidnap, assault, extort and drug (his estranged wife,)’ docs state.

The investigation revealed Ilg is also accused of trying to use the dark web to find someone who would attack a former colleague. A message allegedly sent by Ilg concerning that assault stated, ‘The target should be given a significant beating that is obvious. It should injure both hands significantly or break the hands.’

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