How I combined my passion of protecting the oceans with crypto.

How I combined my passion of protecting the oceans with crypto.

Milan Jandik

How I combined my passion of protecting the oceans with crypto.

I am an underwater photographer and film maker from a small village in Germany. So far I used my work solely to support ocean conservation projects and efforts, from South Africa to the Maldives. Through this I had the privilege of seeing the most incredible and mesmerising happenings underwater, I saw things flourish and I saw things die off and cease to exist, also.

Sadly, these events have started to happen at an alarming rate, and it’s dreadful to see the things you fight for suddenly vanish before your very eyes.

There is another thing I love: Cryptocurrencies.

Starting in 2016, I began to accumulate and become increasingly enthusiastic about the cryptocurrency space. Industry-disrupting projects were developed left and right, and my head went crazy with ideas to innovate the field I work in by incorporating cryptocurrency potential. Unfortunately, many of those dreams never came to fruition due to fluctuating market cycles (2018) and projects without support. Life went on an I got back into Dollar Cost Averaging as my other obligations outgrew the market.

When the pandemic gripped the globe in 2020, my girlfriend and I were living and working in the Maldives. Our island was the first to get hit with the virus, and all expats got kicked out immediately. Back in Germany we had to figure out how to proceed with our work and lives while still hoping to get back to the island. In the meantime, I’ve kept myself busy by volunteering at a local school and rediscovering my love for crypto.

This time around there was something new: the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As Ethereum was crippled by gas fees, and it became clear that ETH 2.0 will take years to get delivered, the BSC was created and – for better or worse – has stood tall.

It lured me in with mobility and low fees, but it also introduced me to a subculture of individuals who would rather spend their finances on memecoins named after their God Lord Elon, than invest their time to filter and find the real sustainable projects.

And YES, the BSC definitely has those ambitious problem solvers who drive projects with real use cases and real life benefits that will over time help the real world and crypto alike. I joined the teams of those worthwhile projects, learned the ropes, and participated diligently until I found something that combines the two things I’m most passionate about: Crypto and the ocean.   A project that goes by the name of SEA TOKEN got introduced to me, and I was immediately hooked by their premise of creating a data hub for ocean data on blockchain. That kind of new research tech is something that is so needed for ocean science and paramount for the future of marine conservation, especially with innovative new ways of data collection like eDNA (Environmental DNA, read it up, incredibly interesting). 

The project ticked all the right boxes, real life partnerships with marine conservation organisations (Bound by a contract unlike those other donation coins that just randomly chose charities or organisations), and just the fact that they are a company based in the UK made me that much more excited about it.

At the moment, I am an advisor to them in crypto and marine related problems and I couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved so far. Check it out right here:

Our collaboration has brought forth something that will be a novelty in crypto, something that has never been done before. Stay tuned over the next few weeks and stop by the Telegram Channel to get access to upcoming announcements. This will definitely create waves.

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