Exclusive Interview with Victory Market

Exclusive Interview with Victory Market

Exclusive Interview with Victory Market

Dark Net Daily chatted with Victory Market, a darknet marketplace that’s making a name for itself by aiming to provide it’s users with a hassle-free experience. Victory talked to us about what qualities make a great vendor, creating a darknet market, their thoughts on the current DNM scene and more.

Why and when did you decide to get involved in a Darknet market?

There was an ambition to bring something better to people, something that the current scene does not have.
Less complexities and hard sessions, more the market people can use to buy and sell with ease.

What features does Victory currently have that can distinguish it from other markets?

We have most of features modern markets have. Our main feature is not delving into hardening of the sales process, unlike the others.

In what ways do you prevent buyers from being scammed on Victory?

We have escrow, it’s the way any market prevents from scamming

Can you tell us about your business volume?

Our volume is little as we just started

Victory Market homepage

How many vendors are on Victory Market?

75 vendors

And how many total users?

1700 users

What qualities do you think make a great vendor?

He must be polite with customers, we see vendor as responsible and secured person.
As for vendor service, it has to be fast shipping and good product.

What is the process like for creating a Darknet market? How long does it take?

You have to spend one month of coding and there it is.

Listing for 2cb tabs

Is there anything that you don’t allow to be sold?

Yes, there is list of banned things outlined to not be sold over Victory Market:

1. Adult content and child porn. Harmful weapons/weapons of mass destruction
3. Fraud section, includes bank accounts and credit cards
4. Carfentanyl/Fentanyl
5. Vaccines
6. Counterfeits and Money Laundering services
7. Hacking services, includes exploits/software for hacking, malware
8. Poisons
9. Assassination services or media related to harm/murder
10. Passports, IDs, identities, personal data
11. Pro-terrorism or terrorist propaganda
12. Tutorials
13. Anything else that is close to what is in this list

Everything from the list above is forbidden on Victory Market.

How would you describe Victory market in 3 words?


As of right now Victory is a bitcoin only market, do you have any plans to add XMR in the future?

Victory Market is bitcoin only market.

The footer of your site says “Victory Market, Sometimes they come back.”. What does that mean to you? 

We had to take retirement and now we are back.

What are your thoughts on the current darknet market scene?

Current darknet scene is full of us, markets. Should be it.

What is your vision for Victory? Where do you see it 1 year from now?

We don’t know 🙂 Let the project live up to its name

Do you have any advice for vendors or buyers?

Stay safe and use Victory Market!

Anything else you’d like to add? Where can people find you?

You can find Victory Market via victorymarketlink.com

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