Interview with Rainbowland, The Darknet Vendor From France Who’s Taking The Party Worldwide

Interview with Rainbowland, The Darknet Vendor From France Who’s Taking The Party Worldwide

Earlier this week, Dark Net Daily had the chance to sit down and chat with Rainbowland, a French vendor who moves his products all around the globe. Rainbowland sells everything from MDMA and ketamine to 2CB and LSD. In this interview he shares how he got his start by selling methamphetamine to the LGBT communities of Europe, gives tips to first time rollers, and advice for people interested in vending. He also tells us about his thoughts on the current DNM scene, what it would take for him to retire, and cryptocurrencies he’s got his eye on.

So tell me a bit about yourself. Who is Rainbowland?

Rainbowland is a team of individuals working together to become the biggest vendor on the darkweb.

Why the name “Rainbowland”?

Before vending on the dark web we started vending bulk to the LGBT communities of Europe.

We had some very big clients and one of our major ones suggested the name “RAINBOWLAND”. It stuck with us ever since. One of our main products ICE/TINA/METH is quite large in the gay community so we aimed to make sure that we had a top quality product for their needs.

How were you first introduced to the dark web?

I was introduced by a team of vendors who no longer vend anymore.

What made you decide to start vending?

I saw things in the team of vendors who introduced me to the dark web that could be improved. The main thing was vending from the Netherlands and it is a red flag country globally. We decided to move to France for the benefit of us and our clients. It was a beneficial move as we have seriously improved our success rate of landing packs and our bulk sales have really taken off as we prefer bulk sales.

How was your OpSec when you first got started?

We are blessed with a computer whiz as a part of our team. Our opsec is top from day one and we are blessed to have his strength as part of our team.

Do you have any OpSec tips for people new to the darknet?

Yes! Be on your toes always! Law enforcement is hunting every soul on the dark web so encrypt all you can via pgp and never slip to let them into our world.

Which markets are you on at the moment?

Dark0de, AlphaBay, Bohemia and ASAP Market

Rainbowland’s profile on Dark0de Market

Where are you based out of?

We are based out of France and Switzerland.

What countries do you ship to?

Worldwide and when we put people on other planets we will be also shipping there.

What are all of the products that you currently sell?

Champagne MDMA,Indian Needle Ketamine. Ice/Meth, 250mg XTC pills, 20mg 2CB pills and 200ug LSD.

Do you test your products before selling them?

Yes, they are lab tested in the Netherlands before leaving to our ship points. If its not top quality it will never leave as we won’t sell a subpar product because it’s a waste of time, money and risk of bad reviews.

Which product is the most profitable?

Depends as products change in price due to demand or costs and availability of raw materials to produce them. MDMA and Ice I would say are best profit margins.

1 Kilo of MDMD offered by Rainbowland
Methamphetamine offered by Rainbowland

Let’s say that I just bought MDMA for the first time, how can I tell if it’s good quality?

If you open a bag of our MDMA you would see a light brownish/yellowish color with the smell of anise/licorice and taste would be bitter as fuck and nice colored, hard crystals.

Any tips for someone interested in rolling for the first time?

Yes! Go to a festival with friends so you can dance off the energy… and get lots of gum and water so gum to keep your jaw busy and water to hydrate and ENJOY THE RIDE!

Do you have any advice for other vendors?

Not really as we are still a new vendor after one year. I would like to start a site to help avoid scamming clients or problematic clients who are nothing but headaches so we can review them as they do us.

In your opinion, what are some of the main catalysts that lead to vendors’ downfall?

I think first and foremost is their greed. They start making a lot of money and get a good name online. Then, they try cut costs by selling a subpar product which begins a chain reaction of bad reviews and so on… Second, is they get lazy in their OpSec and develop a pattern which in someway becomes traceable to LE. They are hunting us daily so you must not give them a chance to catch you. I read everyday how other vendors are caught and I try to avoid their mistakes.

Any advice for someone who may want to start vending?

Don’t sell yourself short and know your products value. Learn and charge accordingly and understand your overhead costs. Most important thing is that your team must be strong or you will burn out fast.

Do you get high on your own supply?

No, I do not. I have a joint at night after the day is done but I have too much to do to enjoy any of our products these days. If the situation was right I would not turn down some MD to dance at a festival but otherwise no.

Do you have a best/worst trip story?

I have too many to write but I will save those for another day..

I’m sure your job comes with much stress and paranoia, how do you handle it?

I work hard and have done this a long time so I don’t get paranoid anymore. I understand the risk of the job so if I decide to do it then there is no reason to stress about it. My stress usually comes to keeping supply on schedule as that comes with some challenges to put all products where they need to be on time so they can be shipped out without delay. I am blessed with a top team to help so truly my stress is minimal.

What would it take for you to retire?

Hmmm maybe 50 to 100 million but honestly I probably wouldn’t quit as I would get bored. I like the challenge to succeed as much as the money side. This job has a main challenge to pass customs for the clients and I enjoy the mathematical equation of success/failure to see who wins.. Us or customs.

What is your motivation?

To make our market the biggest on the dark web as we give the best products to our clients and we always do our best job to get the products to land. We don’t always land but we are above 90% so it is just a matter of time that we are one of the biggest vendors. Plus, we have stealth most have not seen in their wet dreams yet.

3 most recent reviews on Rainbowland’s vendor profile (Dark0de Market)

What are your thoughts on the current DNM scene?

A lot has changed recently since WHM and Torrez quit but their admins were not the best in my opinion so good riddance to them both.. We have been with Dark0de since the beginning and am happy to see they will be the top market now as the admins are top and treat all fairly. We also like Alpha Bay and ASAP but sadly DDOS lately are stopping ASAP from growing bigger as they should be. The new market Bohemia looks very promising and I like their setup.

Do you have a favorite moment in DNM history?

Watching ToRReZ market close. Their admins were straight fucking assholes. They treated vendors like shit and it makes no sense as that was who lined their pockets. We lost money when they closed but at that point every client was disputing hoping to win, especially clients (you know who you are) who had long shipping times that were past the time of market closing.

I’m sure you’ve heard about CipherTrace claiming to have a tool that’s able to track Monero transactions. What do you think about that?

I have a theory that if they really want to get you they will find a way. You have governments buying Pegasus and every government has hackers that are more advanced than most of us know.

What are your thoughts on crypto right now? Any coins youve got your eye on?

BTC and ETH of course for the long run but XMR, SOL, SAND and maybe MANA look promising.

Do you have any predictions for what the darknet scene will be like 5 years from now?

Who knows? I think it will expand as it has and will grow larger but you never know in 5 years maybe people are buying drugs in the metaverse on virtual corners again.. Who knows?

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

YES… to all potential clients of all vendors on the darkweb.. please treat your vendors as you would like to be treated. We are humans not computers and we are doing our best to land your order SAFELY to keep you out of jail so remember that! You would likely not talk to your local dealer as you speak to us online or you would be shot.. BE PATIENT, we are not Amazon or Domino’s Pizza..

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